Golf: great exercise and cheaper than the gym

Young people have the wrong idea about golf and it's time to change their minds, say Chorley Golf Club.

It’s time for golf to throw off it’s stuffy image and throw its club house doors open to the next generation.

That’s according to the team at Chorley Golf Club, who are on a mission to spread the love of the game to the under 35s.

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“If you don’t know the game, people see it as something that old, posh people do,” said Jeff Wignall, marketing manager at the Heath Charnock club.

But with a tide of young professional players, like Jordan Spieth, Roy McIlroy and Lydia Ko thrilling audiences across the globe, now is the time to reach out and break down those boundaries.

“It is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s challenging, sociable, it’s competitive and the handicap system means everyone can play together on equal terms. What’s more, it’s really good exercise,” said Jeff.

A round of golf, he said, was essentially a four-hour walk, and the undulating nature of courses like Chorley offered the chance of a proper cardiovascular workout.

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Far from the idea of golf as a low octane pursuit, studies have found players burn more than 700 calories over the course of a game. It’s also been shown to help with strength training and balance.

Many young people assume it is an expensive sport to get into, but that is not necessarily the case, said Jeff: particularly as joining a golf club is often less expensive than an annual gym membership.

“In recent years, the cost of equipment has really come down. There are so many ways of getting everything you need at a cut price – you can hire it, buy second-hand or borrow from a club to get you started.”

Jeff explained that golf was an extremely sociable pastime, which usually ended with a drink or two, which appealed to all ages and fostered a sense of community.

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“When I first started coming, I didn’t know anyone, but I really quickly made friends. It’s that kind of atmosphere at a golf club. We are a community,” he added.

Chorley is making strides towards attracting younger players, including preferential fees to the under 35s, and will welcome a 33-year-old captain, Darren Edwards, in 2019.

“The hierarchy of golf clubs tends to be dominated by older members, because they have the most experience and, if they are retired, more spare time.”

However, it’s really important that clubs make sure the views and needs of younger players are represented.

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“I would recommend everyone, no matter what their age or background, to give golf a try. You get to meet and play against so many different people.

“It’s a game that you can start young and carry on playing until the flag on your 18th hole flies as half-mast.”

To find out more about reduced rates for under 35s, click here

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