Tim Mercer’s Preston North End Fans’ Panel verdict: Suspicion is the head coach is out of his depth

Despite giving themselves an excellent start in the second minute of this game, with a Sean Maguire goal resulting from a corner, and a first half in which a very poor-looking Cardiff side failed to register any real impact,

By Tim Mercer
Sunday, 21st November 2021, 12:30 pm

North End somehow conspired to throw this game away with a woeful second-half display. From the beginning of that second period the visitors took the game to their hosts to such an extent that it really came as no surprise when they equalised within six minutes of us getting back to our seats and went on to score what proved to be the winner just 15 minutes after that. What worried me the most was the feeling that spread amongst those around me that the current set-up is simply not working. There is a niggling suspicion that the head coach is out of his depth, which when combined with a performance such as that seen after the break does nothing to suppress this growing feeling and deepening gloom. There was no inkling as the half-time whistle blew of what was to follow. PNE were easily in control and possibly too comfortable sitting on the narrow advantage they had gained so early in the match. The Bluebirds have had a poor season to date and so were not expected to be of any great shakes themselves. The fact that they so readily blew North End away after the restart was both shocking and the cause for the real concern that followed. Not surprisingly, a chorus of boos greeted the final whistle and this will not change without a significant upturn in purpose and performance over the next few weeks.

North End’s Alan Browne remonstrates with referee Leigh Doughty