Preston North End in Numbers: 17 weeks until the players next get a rest!

Preston North End are preparing for what is going to be one long hard slog from now until they get their next breather.

By Tom Sandells
Friday, 19th November 2021, 12:30 pm

The final international break of the year has come and gone – thankfully for those more in favour of domestic football – and it will not return until next year.

It is not just next year though, more specifically it is in March next year.

The international break before last week’s came around a month prior – not long to wait from a player’s point of view before their next break.

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Preston have had a long wait since their last action in defeat at Forest

It is also a break point for fans, either to step away or to impatiently await the return of football.

It can also be used a measuring stick of sorts for a side’s form.

PNE won three, lost two and drew one between their return to action against Derby County and their last match against Nottingham Forest.

It almost came at a good time too as a couple of knocks were springing up.

Now, there is a full 17 weeks until the next chance for the Lilywhites’ players to get respite.

There will of course be the usual arguments that they are professional athletes and should be able to continuously play, but it is never that simple of course.

There may be a number of freak injuries and a couple of weeks’ pause would be just the tonic for their ailments.

This will be a huge test for head coach Frankie McAvoy and his players, whether that is physically, mentally or both.

It also means less respite from fan unhappiness should that return.

There will be no getting out of the firing line for anyone at PNE.