Preston North End free to decide on contract policy says advisor Peter Ridsdale

Clubs will be able to deal with players who are out of contract this summer on an individual basis rather than having to fall in line with an overall policy.

By Dave Seddon
Friday, 1st May 2020, 6:00 am

If the season does resume, it will go beyond June 30 which is the date when some players are contracted to.

The EFL are leaving it to clubs to decide how they deal with that situation.

If clubs want to extend deals to cover the remainder of the season, they can do that.

Paul Gallagher is one of the Preston players out of contract this summer

Initially there was talk of there having to be an agreement of all clubs as to how the matter was handled.

Preston have a handful of players out of contract this summer – Paul Gallagher, Tom Clarke, Mathew Hudson, Michael Crowe, Connor Simpson and Kevin O’Connor.

The latter two are on loan, Simpson at Accrington and O’Connor with Waterford. North End advisor Peter Ridsdale told the Lancashire Post: “The EFL have sent out advice on how contracts can be dealt with.

“They are saying extend contracts by mutual consent if you so wish.

“That could be for a month or on a week-by-week basis.

“If players don’t want to extend, you can pay them the usual severance money and they will leave.

“It is sensible for that to be done on a club by club basis.

“We don’t have too many lads out of contract here this summer but other clubs will.

“They will deal with the situation how they see fit and we will do that here.”

Ridsdale says the desire to finish this season remains strong and accepts that will need a lot of planning.

There have been reports of doubts, especially in League One and League Two, over how the season can finish.

The EFL will be led by the Premier League in respect of completing things. 
Premier League clubs are having a conference call meeting today and it will be interesting what news comes out of that.

Some top-flight teams have opened their training grounds this week for players to do individual sessions while adhering to social distancing advice.

There has been talk of a June 8 resumption in the Premier League, with June 6 a possibility in the EFL.

North End have a working date of May 16 for a return to training, subject to any advice they might receive in the meantime.

However, starting games in any division could only be done with the approval of the Government.

Said Ridsdale: “Our view is that we want to play to a finish, the Championship want to do that and the league want that to happen.

“Health is the priority and we must not forget that but like any business we have to try and plan.”