Preston North End captain Alan Browne Q&A

Preston North End captain Alan Browne spoke to the Lancashire Post to answer some questions leading up to the game against Hull City on Saturday.

By Tom Sandells
Friday, 5th August 2022, 12:30 pm

The skipper took part in our Q&A and here are his answers…

How do you feel going into the new season?

“We have to be as optimistic as we can. We set some goals amongst the team when we were away in Spain, it was a part of the trip, getting everyone together and setting our goals for the season.

Alan Browne runs with the ball.

"We know what they are and we're really optimistic about the season. I don't think the game last week was the best start, first game of the season they're like that, a nervy affair, and a derby.

"I don't think we produced what we were capable of but over the coming games hopefully we can show more signs of that.”

Are you excited for there to be 12,000 fans at Deepdale?

“It's great to see the fans showing up in their numbers, while we were off we could see the season tickets going through the roof.

PNE captain Alan Browne.

"It's great for us as players when you know you have the backing of the fans who come out to support and create a great atmosphere for us.

"We always say that they do help and they can change the course of a game just by getting right behind us.

"It helps us keep the pressure on the other team and you feel the momentum shift in games.

"We know that they can give us a helping hand. Hopefully they will come through the turnstiles and be as loud as they can and we'll try and do the business on the pitch.”

What do you expect from Hull this weekend?

“We've only got one competitive game to go off but it looks like they've changed their style of play, they want to play total football.

"It's the total opposite of what they were last season. It will be a tough game but they always are in this league and we'll be well equipped to deal with it.”

Daniel Johnson is set to play his 300th game for PNE, how big of an achievement is that?

“It's unbelievable, he's been there through it all. It's a great achievement.

"I said when I reached that mark, you're joining a prestigious club and he thoroughly deserves to be a part of that.

"We mentioned it in training and he got a round of applause, he's grinded out some games and he's got a lot more in his locker.

"He has plenty more to give and I don't think he'll be happy just reaching the 300.”

He’s normally so calm, do you think he will be feeling it?

“Yeah I do. He is really calm, he's the calmest player on the pitch at times but I think when the game finishes and he sits there and reflects, I do think it will get in.

"He can be proud of himself anyway for this mark and in general I think he'll look at his performances when he gets home - he'll obviously stay calm - but inside he'll have the emotions and be happy with this more than any other.”