Preston North End and Nottingham Forest's BRUTAL ranking in the latest Championship result 'fairness' table

The 2020/21 Championship campaign is off to a flyer, and it looks set to be one of the most fiercely competitive seasons in some time, with the relegation battle and fight for promotion already taking shape just three weeks into the season.

Monday, 28th September 2020, 11:58 am
(Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images)

Following last weekend's action, stats experts Infogol crunched the numbers, and showcased their weekly Championship result 'fairness' ratings, which rank each game's scoreline by factors such as shots and xG. Here's where Preston North End's loss to Stoke City ranks alongside every other second tier game.

Cardiff's shots: 12. Cardiff's xG: 1.31 Reading's shots: 6. Reading's xG: 0.72.
Cherries' shots: 12. Cherries' xG: 0.62. Norwich's shots: 13. Norwich's xG: 0.59.

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Derby's shots: 15. Derby's xG: 1.36. Rovers' shots: 23. Rovers' xG: 2.51.
QPR's shots: 14. QPR's xG: 1.68. Boro's shots: 7. Boro's xG: 0.58.
Lions' shots: 9. Lions' xG: 0.70. Bees' shots: 8. Bees' xG: 1.63.
Robins' shots: 16. Robins' xG: 1.52. Owls' shots: 7. Owls' xG: 0.53.
Barnsley's shots: 13. Barnsley's xG: 1.21. Coventry's shots: 10. Coventry's xG: 0.59.
Watford's shots: 14. Watford's xG: 1.38. Luton's shots: 4. Luton's xG: 0.75.
Blues' shots: 13. Blues' xG: 1.49. Rotherham's shots: 9. Rotherham's xG: 1.21.
Preston's shots: 14. Preston's xG: 0.57. Stoke's shots: 15. Stoke's xG: 2.15.
Terriers' shots: 15. Terriers' xG: 2.91. Forest's shots: 14. Forest's xG: 0.87.
Wycombe's shots: 8. Wycombe's xG: 0.41. Swans' shots: 17. Swans' xG: 3.04.