Football fans react to new European Super League plans and Preston North End statement

Football fans from around the globe took to Twitter to voice their disgust at proposed plans for a new 'European Super League' that was announced late on Sunday night.

Monday, 19th April 2021, 4:45 pm
Preston North End's Deepdale stadium.

The plans involve 12 of the supposedly biggest clubs in the world who have banded together to form their own league playing against each other.

Six of the12 come from England, those being Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

The plans were immediately damned, universally.

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Many see it as an affront to the spirit of the game and to competition, as the 12 clubs involved in the Super League cannot be relegated.

Preston North End fans were no different to others, voicing their disapproval.

North End are a club steeped in history and won the first league title in England - they also have as many top division wins as Tottenham who plan to break away from clubs they deem themselves to be better than.

One Preston fan, @Original_Moldo, said: "The end of football? Nah. The game exists outside of the Premier League and it does so in a way that is much more worthwhile, real and meaningful than the glitz and glamour of a game that is so far removed from the fans as it is at the very top level.

"Let the ‘big’ clubs go and fulfil their greedy ambition. Maybe it’ll make people realise the football that’s on their doorstep.

"One that’s available to experience in person in a way that means so much more. Football will continue to exist with or without them.

"Football is the people’s game and should be given back to the people. Cut them free and get back to the football that matters more to real fans and real people."

Another, @rawcliffe99, said: "My club PNEFC founded the Football League. My club was the first to do the domestic double.

"My club is largely responsible for the steeped history of English football as we know it. The greed of these “super” clubs are trying to destroy the beautiful game."

PNE released a statement condemning the plans, the 'power-grab' and questioned the selection of the six clubs and how far back their history of success goes.

The Lilywhites' faithful reacted to the strong and excellently executed communication.

@ArunMehtaShow said: "'Those English clubs who feel that such an attempt at a wealth power grab, thereby undermining and potentially destroying the English football pyramid, should look themselves in the mirror.'

"I love PNEFC! We're a more real team than any of the 'big 6' will ever be!"

Another fan felt connections with hometown clubs are what makes them great.

@TonyMilroy said: "Real fans supporting their home town club is what it's all about. Going to the match after a few beers and shouting for your team.

"Not plastic fans who have no connection to 'their' club and have probably never seen them live. Fantastic statement PNE!"

@gcw047 felt that with or without the Super League, more must be done. they said: "Really good statement addressing the state of football finances even without considering this 'super league'. More needs to be done in general. Without the football league there is no football."

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