Morecambe FC owners have seen changes for the better

Morecambe's players have helped out in the communityMorecambe's players have helped out in the community
Morecambe's players have helped out in the community
Seven months after taking control of Morecambe FC and the club's owners believe there has been considerable change for the better.

Having taken over the club in the final week of last season, Jason Whittingham and Colin Goldring are happy with the progress made since then - but believe things can still improve.

Both men were asked at Thursday’s fans forum as to how the club had changed during their time at the helm.

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“We transferred the debt over so there is no third party debt other than the residual stuff,” Mr Goldring told the meeting.

“Financially, it’s in better health and there’s a lot of work being done to develop the club and the Academy to run players through into the first team.

“We’ve had a conversation about what more we can do in schools and to get higher attendances; we need to get more people in, it’s as simple as that.

“We had 2,500 historically and now it’s 1,500 so we need to get that figure back up and that’s how the club is sustainable going forward.

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“We need to make sure the club is valued by the community and that people use the facilities not just on matchdays.

“Every member of staff has been working their socks off and has done a fantastic job.

“I understand the hospitality was booming on Saturday and that’s thanks to all the staff, the management team and the players driving the business.

“We’re seeing improvements; there’s more work to be done and I’m happy to see things are picking up.”

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Shrimps co-chairman Rod Taylor also addressed the topic, citing the club’s need to re-establish its reputation in the community.

Financial stability has helped that, as have off-field initiatives involving the management team, players and local charities.

He said: “The last two years have drained confidence; people were reluctant to book weddings and what have you because they were asking if the club was going to exist.

“Two years ago we were giving things away; it looked good but we had to draw a line under that.

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“Last year we weathered the storm but we had to get over that point; we couldn’t be giving boxes and tables away all the time - it wasn’t going to work.

“Jim (Bentley, manager) and the lads have gone to the foodbank three times now, not just giving it lip service.

“They’ve also been to ‘Unique Kidz’ and when they walked through the door and saw the disabled children there, it really opened their eyes.”