Morecambe 2 Yeovil Town 1: Managers' reactions to Shrimps' victory

Rhys Oates scored Morecambes decisive goal against Yeovil TownRhys Oates scored Morecambes decisive goal against Yeovil Town
Rhys Oates scored Morecambes decisive goal against Yeovil Town
Morecambe manager Jim Bentley and his Yeovil Town counterpart, Darren Way, both faced the press after today's game at the Globe Arena; this is what they had to say.

Jim Bentley: “It’s a win and that’s the biggest thing; we’ve played games similar to that where we’ve been a goal behind and been brilliant.

“Credit to Yeovil because I think they were superb; we’d spoken about giving away silly fouls and giving Tom James a chance.

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“He’s scored two direct free-kicks and his set-play taking is as good as I’ve seen at this level.

“Sometimes you have to ride your luck but some of that was down to Mark Halstead who made some superb saves.

“I thought the game was flat in the first 10 or 15 minutes; there was no real tempo from either side and then they had a header at the near post.

“We warmed to it and some of our play was great; we scored a great goal from A-Jay (Leitch-Smith) but the key moment was the missed penalty.

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“Leading 2-0 at home means it’s a long way to go until the 90th minute, and while we missed the penalty, I was also a bit disappointed with some of our play because we gave it away and looked a bit vulnerable at times.

“Second half, Rhys Oates had a bit of luck with the ball bouncing over the keeper and into the net but he’d given it a bit of welly.

“I do hate a score of 2-0 though because I’ve been involved in them as a player and the opposition’s natural reaction is they have nothing to lose and throw caution to the wind.

“What happens is they get on top or we find the killer pass and make it three; while it’s 2-0 it’s very difficult and, at times, our game management was poor.”

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Darren Way: “They couldn’t find the equaliser; we’ve had some honest discussions in the dressing room.

“I feel that’s a game that, if we’re at the level I want the team to be at, we should be winning.

“I was disappointed with the two goals and I feel it takes 11 players to come to Morecambe and win a game on spirit, determination, and you’ve seen that in the second half.

“I could say we were unlucky but that’s not my style, I think there must have been 17 shots in the last 30 minutes of the game.

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“We have to make sure the players – and I feel one or two underachieved – take responsibility for their performance because that can’t happen again.

“I felt when (Alex) Pattison came on, he dominated and quite clearly that’s the difference.

“You’ve got to be able to run in this game, you’ve got to feel confident in the way that you play, you’ve got to make passes as a midfielder, you’ve got to have shots and crosses and I didn’t feel we were doing enough of that in the first half.