Mawdesley Juniors FC looking to create two new football pitches to cope with growing demand

A junior football club for boys and girls is looking to create new pitches to cope with its growing demand.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 2:21 pm
Mawdesley Juniors FC currently train and play at Mawdesley Cricket Club, pictured top. They are looking to turn an adjacent field, pictured, bottom, into new pitches to cope with demand (Image: Google Maps)

Mawdesley Juniors FC has set its sights on transforming a former farming field to the east of Mawdesley Cricket Club on which it hopes to create two pitches; one for 11 vs 11 matches and a second for 7 vs 7.

In documents submitted to Chorley Council, Thomas Poole from the club writes: “At the time of writing we will have around 70 kids on the books, of boys and girls, entering into leagues in five different age groups. We now have eight FA qualified coaches.

“Our hope is that for the following season (2020/21) we could expand on the current space we have.

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“This would allow us to cater for the different size of pitches we need for our different age groups – our kids range from six to 16, so play 5 vs 5, 7 vs 7, 9 vs 9 and 11 vs 11 depending on their age.

“It would also allow us to move the training area around as required, as we struggle at present with overuse, particularly during inclement weather.”

There has been “very positive discussions” with the owner of the field, Mr Poole writes, adding that discussions have also taken place with a sports pitch developer over cultivating and levelling.

Plans are also afoot to create an overflow grass-based 20-space car park to “minimise any visual impact, retaining the field as a green space”.

The club currently trains and plays at Mawdesley CC.

Chorley Council’s planning department has yet to approve or deny the application.