The Championship teams with the most and least penalties awarded - including Preston North End, Leeds United and Middlesbrough

Here are the teams in the Championship with the most and least penalties won during the 2023/24 season so far.

A team that is given a penalty should score given the chance from 12-yards.

The onus is always on the penalty taker rather than the goalkeeper as it's more a chance to score and influence the scoreline, whereas the goalie is tasked with keeping the score level.

To date, there's been 32 penalties awarded in the Championship this season. Preston North End manager Ryan Lowe believes VAR (video-assistant-referees) will come to the Championship shortly, and so can you imagine how many more might have been given? There's been some dubious calls this campaign for several sides, which have been discussed in detail, but right now the only technology is penalties, which only partially plays a part in penalties.

Goals change games, and a penalty is a good opportunity to do that. Some teams have a perfect record from 12-yards, and have a designated penalty taker, whilst others might decide to give it to the player that earned it, providing they're actually capable of scoring from that situation.

North End's most recent penalty game against Coventry City, and that decision came under scrutiny. Anthony Taylor who was demoted from the Premier League for a game adjudged Kyle MacFazdean to have grabbed the shirt of Milutin Osmajic, thus him losing his balance and he had no hestiation in pointing to the penalty spot. North End benefitted and won the game but not everyone agreed that it was a penalty.

With that in mind, the Lancashire Evening Post has taken a look at the sides with the most spot kicks received this campaign. Flick through the pages to see from the least to the most. Are you surprised at how many the Lilywhites have been given this season? Let us know in the comments on Facebook, or reply to our post on Twitter.