Opponent will refuse to bad-mouth Chorley ace Jack Catterall

Chorley Super-Lightweight Jack CatterallChorley Super-Lightweight Jack Catterall
Chorley Super-Lightweight Jack Catterall
Ohara Davies insists he will continue his good boy behaviour and not trash Chorley's big fight rival Jack Catterall.

The Hackney man’s Twitter outbursts have made him Britain’s most controversial boxer and a target for many of his Super-Lightweight rivals.

He challenges Catterall (22-0) for the local man’s WBO intercontinental belt at Morningside Arena, Leicester on Saturday October 6.

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Few believed Davies 
(18-1) when he faced off with Catterall at a press conference and told his rival he was safe until fight night.

Davies, 26, said: “I haven’t been tempted to start tweeting or saying stuff about 

“I feel that for this camp my mind is in a different place. I am focusing on the fight – not the cameras, the lights, fame or money like I have been.

“In the past my focus has been the pay cheque and the fame. Now the only thing that matters is not just getting the win, but making sure I win in good fashion.”

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Davies is under new trainer Miguel Dapenticul, who hopes to have a licence to go in the corner by fight night to work alongside old hand Barry Smith.

Davies added: “It wont make a huge amount of difference . As long as I’m in the gym learning what I have to learn I know how to pull it off once I get in the boxing ring. As long as I get it right in the gym, I can pull off all the moves.”

If Davies triumphs he will take Catterall’s No.2 ranking with the WBO for their world title held by Maurice Hooker.

But before fighting for a world title he would not mind silencing Belfast’s Tyrone McKenna, who recently had a thriller with Catterall.

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McKenna has been goading Davies, and the Londoner says: “To be honest, I am the man at this weight class.

“Anybody who fights me it’s the biggest fight of their career and their biggest pay cheque.

“I can understand why boxers keep saying bad things about me. It’s because everybody wants to fight me.

“Even though I have taken a loss, I am the most talked about fighter at 140lb. I am not too concerned who says what about me as long as I win my fights.

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“I’m not being nasty about him, but one person calling me out is Tyrone McKenna. He has a little bit of a name and if it’s a fight he wants after I dispose of Catterall I’ll dispose of him and then move on to world level.”

‘The Time Is Now’ is headlined by Jack Catterall v Ohara Davies.

Tickets are priced at £40, £60, £100, £150, £200 and are available to purchase from Eventbrite and Ticketmaster.

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