Big Interview: Boxer Isaac Lowe’s biggest match his wedding is put on hold!

Isaac Lowe (photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank)Isaac Lowe (photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank)
Isaac Lowe (photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank) | Freelance
As Morecambe featherweight Isaac Lowe tells Craig Salmon, the current lockdown has stopped more than his boxing career...his wedding has been put on hold too.

Unbeaten in all 23 of his professional bouts, including 20 victories, Morecambe boxer Isaac Lowe has come across few equals so far during his career.

But the 26-year-old has certainly met his match outside of the ring – his fiancee Margaret.

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Indeed, the featherweight ace may have jokingly suggested he would have been punching above his weight in a couple of weeks’ time when he was due to marry his wife-to-be in 
Benidorm, Spain.

Unfortunately, the Westgate Warrior has had to postpone his impending nuptials for another time due to the coronavirus crisis.

In fact, the global pandemic has put the kibosh on what could have been a big few months for Lowe.

If exchanging vows with his good lady would have provided him with domestic bliss, then this year could have also been the one which would have seen him fulfil many of his childhood dreams as a boxer.

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Having fought on the undercard of some of the biggest fight nights ever over the past couple of years, Lowe believes he has now reached a stage where he has the skills and experience to fight for European and world titles.

A good friend of current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, Lowe has fought three times in America, including on the undercard of Fury’s clashes with Deontay Wilder.

His victory over Mexico’s Alberto Guevara for the WBC International featherweight title at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, in February, means he is ranked among the best in the world in his weight division.

And a shot at the European title is his next port of call, with a world title fight in the offing in the not too distant future.

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Despite his big dreams – both personally and professionally – Lowe is focused on staying safe amid these unprecedented times and hopes normality can resume for everybody.

“I was supposed to be getting married in Benidorm – all that has gone out of the window,” said Lowe.

“Everything has just had to be put on hold for a minute and the important thing is everybody stays home, stays safe and keeps healthy through this period.

“It is frustrating because this year started so well for me, beating Guevara in Vegas,then I was looking forward to getting married and then focusing back on my boxing.

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“We are looking to reschedule the wedding, but we will have to re-submit everything over in Spain.

“You can’t even get married over here now, so that’s all had to be put on hold.

“As soon as we come off lockdown then we will be looking to sort that out.

“But first and foremost, I’ll be looking to get straight back into my boxing.”

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Lowe was hoping to fight for European Union title this month and then a possible world title shot or eliminator further down the line.

That could all happen yet, but it will all be dependent on how quickly the world gets a grip of Covid-19.

“I was down to fight for the EU title this month but that’s all been put back,” he said.

“We are just kind of standing and waiting for things to get back to normal.”

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Lowe revealed fighting on big bills such as Fury against Wilder Stateside has worked wonders for his profile.

The experience he has gained and the opponents he has beaten means that he is now a real contender to become a world champion.

“The last two years have been great for me,” said Lowe. “I have been based Stateside a lot of the time.

“I’ve been on some of the biggest boxing shows. The last one when Tyson beat Wilder, was probably the biggest boxing event in a generation.

“So to be on a card like that, it was brilliant.

“I am starting to make my mark.

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“Being with Tyson has obviously helped, getting on these top-ranked shows.

“I am getting well known within the boxing world, the media is getting to know me – not just the boxing media, the world media.

“When you get ranked in the top 10 of the WBC and the top 15 of the IBF, you’re making statements.

“I don’t think it’s too long before I will be knocking on the door of a world title, but I just have to stay patient.

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“It’s taken a long time to get where I am now and I want to make sure I will be ready when I get the chance to bring one of those belts back to Morecambe.”

Lowe – who is promoted by MTK – still harbours dreams of staging a big fight night in his hometown with Morecambe FC’s Globe Arena mooted as a venue.

“That is something I am pushing for all the time,” he said.

“I am talking to my managers about that.

“I would love that to happen but it’s all got to fall in place.

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“You have to obviously wait for the football season to finish but at the moment everything – whether it’s boxing or football – has been put on hold, but I am hoping sooner rather than later, I will get that opportunity.”

Lowe revealed he has been using his time wisely in a bid to stay in shape.

With the Government permitting people to leave their house for an hour of exercise per day, Lowe has been taking full advantage of that.

He has also been making use of his garden to continue training and has also been in contact with Fury as they both look to motivate each other during the lockdown.

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“The important thing is to make sure all my family is safe and stick to the Government guidelines,” he said.

“I’ve been going out for my morning run and then trying to do circuits back at my house.

“The biggest issue is the diet really. It’s about staying mentally focused and keeping the body weight down and staying in control.

“It’s so easy to slip off the rails and have a few cakes here and there and have things that you shouldn’t be having.

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“Fighting at featherweight, you have to be nine stone. I usually walk around at 10 stone so I have to be careful what I eat because I could put a lot more on.

“I have been speaking to Tyson a lot. He’s obviously the same as me in lockdown, he’s got five kids at home.

“He’s doing okay, he’s keeping fit. It’s no secret that he suffers from mental health issues.

“But he’s doing his training, he’s happy – I speak to him all the time and he’s doing great.”

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