Andy opening up local karate clubs

A martial arts expert is venturing out to launch his own karate club.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 20th January 2016, 1:10 pm
Andy Moorhouse wants people to join his clubs in Preston and Leyland
Andy Moorhouse wants people to join his clubs in Preston and Leyland

Andy Moorhouse, a 6th dan in the gojo ryu style, has been practising karate at sensei Tony Christian’s club in Shevington for nearly four decades.

Now, the 56-year-old is planning to mentor others in the ancient ways.

With affiliated clubs nearby – including Tony Bewley’s Garswood base – he has set up in Leyland and Preston.

Moorhouse, of New Springs, said: “I taught karate in the nineties and always enjoyed it, but then work commitments prevented me from carrying it on.

“When I got made redundant last summer, I thought it was a great chance to get back into it.

“I didn’t want to tread on any toes, so I took a job in Leyland to launch a club there.”

As well as being a high-ranking practitioner, Moorhouse has studied extensively, trained in Okanawa and written extensively for martial arts magazines.

He began karate in 1973 and six years later joined Christian’s club at Wigan’s ‘drill hall’, which moved to Shevington in 1981 – the north of England’s first permanent, full-time dojo.

As well as a 6th dan in goju ryu he is a 3rd dan in Okinawan kobudo (weapons training).

He teaches traditional katas but with an emphasis on practical self-defence, rather than ‘sport’ karate.

Classes will run at Moor Park School in Preston and Worden Academy in Leyland, with different classes for children and adults.

“The first class is free, and the curriculum for children is safe so the risk of injury is minimal,” said Moorhouse.

“There are so many benefits. It builds confidence, coordination, they learn new life skills, it’s enjoyable – and it’s great exercise.”

Moorhouse can be contacted on 07961 716810 and 
has a Facebook page: Preston and Leyland Gojo Rju Karate-Do.