Lancashire nostalgia in 1983: Sex blacklist, thief loses out and booze bunch

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1983:

By Naomi Moon
Thursday, 16th January 2020, 12:14 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th January 2020, 12:56 pm
Students at Lancaster University are being warned about sexual harassment
Students at Lancaster University are being warned about sexual harassment

Male tutors on sex blacklist at university

A sex blacklist of “lecherous lecturers” has been drawn up by Lancaster University students.

They say male tutors believe female students are constantly “available”.

And anyone who wants advice on who to avoid on the Bailrigg campus can consult a confidential file kept by the students union women’s officer.

The sex warning is given in a handbook given to all first year students by the union.

A section on sexual harassment claims that frustrated lecturers live out their dreams of the sexually liberated 1960s.

Many of them believe they are the answer to every female student’s prayers.

The pamphlet lists sexual harassment as meaning “unwanted comments, looks, jokes, suggestions or physical contact.”

A union spokeswoman said there were about five “main culprits” on campus.

“Most times they are just being offensive and don’t go any further than making comments.”

A spokesman for the Association of University Teachers said members had received no complaints about sexual victimisation.

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Hashim finds himself 50p up on mean thief

Shopkeeper Hashim Padia is Lancashire’s happiest robbery victim.

For the canny 55-year-old businessman ended 50p up on the deal after a brush with a knife-wielding raider.

The would-be thief walked into his grocer’s store in Eldon Street, Preston, and asked for change for 50p.

As Indian-bown Mr Padia was opening his till, the man brandished a six-inch-long blade and demanded all the cash.

The cool trader shouted for help from friends at the rear of the store and the robber disappeared... minus the money.

The father-of-seven said: “All the family has had a laugh about my good fortune.

“It is not every day that a victim makes money out of a robbery.”

The bungling raider disguised his face behind a red scarf, although Mr Padia believes he was around 25.

Last month a knifeman escaped with cash from a petrol station a mile away.

Mr Padia, who has run the corner shop with his wife Hafez for nine years commented: “I will give the 50p to th eMosque charity.”

Detectives were investigating the robbery attempt.

Party’s over for tiny booze bunch

It wasn’t the booze which gave the Lewis kids a king-size hangover.

For the tiny tipplers decided on a drinks party with a difference.

On an early morning raid downstairs they reached for... the cough medicine.

And without so much as a hiccup they knocked back four bottles of the stuff.

When mum Mrs Susan Lewis came downstairs she found all five youngsters looking decidedly groggy.

Then she raised the alarm after spotting the empty bottles.

One by one Anne Marie, three, Gavin, four, Alison, five, Paul, six and Philip, seven, staggered out of an ambulance into Chorley Hospital.

There doctors gave them all another drink... to make them sick.

Back home in Hallwood Road, Chorley, the festive five were sticking strictly to orange juice.

And it was Mrs Lewis, 26, who had the headache trying to find an even higher shelf to keep their medicine on.

She said: "They never used to be any trouble getting them to take it. But there might be now"