Lumie Sunrise Alarm review: how does it work, does it help with SAD, and is it any good?

Lumie Sunrise AlarmLumie Sunrise Alarm
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During the winter, it can be hard to wake up thanks to the cold and dark mornings - but the Lumie Sunrise Alarm can help you feel like you are waking up on a spring day

The alarm clock is much more than that - it is also a gentle way to wake up, thanks to the soothing light and natural sounds.

How does the Lumie Sunrise Alarm work?

The Lumie Sunrise Alarm gradually wakes you up with warm light, immitating the sunrise we wake up with during the spring and summer months.

The sunrise effect starts 30 minutes before your alarm time and slowly brightens your room which will then wake you gently when the light is at its brightest.

When the alarm does go off, it also sounds different to a traditional alarm clock.

As well as the standard beep, it has five authentic nature sounds that you can wake up to; blackbird, osprey, goats, tree frog, purring kitten.

These sounds have been specifically chosen to replicate the sounds you may hear when you wake up in the spring/summer season.

There is, however, still a snooze button for when you do still need those extra five minutes in bed.

What is SAD and does the Lumie Sunrise Alarm help with the condition?

SAD is a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern and is mostly present during the winter season, according to the NHS.

There are various symptoms of SAD, and these include persistent low mood, a lack of interest in everyday activities, feeling lethargic during the day, struggling to get up in the morning and craving carbohydrates.

For some people, these symptoms can have a significant impact on their daily lives - and if you feel that applies to you then it is advised you seek the advice of your doctor.

It is not know what causes SAD, but it is thought it is linked to the shorter days in autum and winter, and the lack of sunlight during these seasons.

Doctors belive that this lack of sunlight could cause of part of the is brain called the hypothalamus to stop working properly, and that may have a negative impact on the body’s internal clock and the production of certain hormones which affect mood, appetite and sleep.

The Lumie Sunrise Alarm has been created specifically to help combat SAD by introducing light in to the room when there is no natural light available.

This helps you to wake up more naturally and peacefully, meaning you wake in a better mood and with more energy to tackle your day.

If you prefer a prefer a slower wake-up in the morning - and don’t like the sound of an abrupt alarm waking you up when it’s still pitch black - then this is the alarm for you.

Using this alarm on a regular basis can also help to reduce your SAD symptoms too.

Is the Lumie Sunrise Alarm any good?

The short answer is yes.

For over 30 years, Lumie has been researching, designing and developing lights to help combat SAD and winter blues as well as improve sleep, and this shows in the products the brand produces.

This clock can’t promise to make you an early riser, and it can’t cure all of your SAD symptoms, but it can help you to wake up happier and relieve all the affects that SAD has on your body and mind.

We recommend that this alarm will make the winter months a lot more bearable.

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The Lumie Sunrise Alarm is not just for waking up, it also has a dimming sunset that can be used to relax at bedtime.

In addition to help you wake up or drop off, this light can also provide dimmable bedside lighting.

There are also six colourful options for mood lighting plus, a setting that cycles slowly through all the colours.

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