Best dog collars and leads 2021: our favourite options UK including leather, personalised, and luxury options

The best dog collars and leads for 2021The best dog collars and leads for 2021
The best dog collars and leads for 2021

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When choosing the best collar and lead for your dog, you’ll want stylish and comfortable – for you and your dog – but it’s crucial to look for quality, durable hardwear.

Using frayed or ill-fitting leashes can be dangerous, especially in those moments when your dog has very different ideas to you as to which direction you should walk.

Graeme Hall, TV’s Dogfather and Author of All Dogs Great and Small (£16.99, Ebury Press) told us what to look for when choosing a collar and lead for your pooch.

“The best collar and lead in the world is going to be no good if the fit isn’t right, so here’s how to find the sweet spot. For safety, check your dog can’t wriggle out of a collar, but also that it’s not too tight – if you can slip three to four fingers underneath, you should be fine.

“Many different lengths of lead are available but personally, I always choose a 1.2 or 1.4 metre one for general walking. It allows enough slack without becoming constantly tangled up.”

We’d also advise getting in the habit of taking your dog’s collar off when you get home from your walk as there’s the choking risk of them getting entangled or caught.

There’s a gorgeous line up of colours to choose from with this gorgeous range.

We loved the Aqua blue – which really popped on our tester’s black cockapoo, and the bright purple and greens which really stood out from the crowd.

This is the sort of collar and lead your pooch will wear for life, so worth the outlay. Our favourites of all we tested here, they’re worthy of the very best good boys and girls.

Key stats

Sizes available: Extra extra small, extra small, small, medium, medium/large, large, extra large, extra extra large

Length of lead: 110cm

Materials: Leather, metal

Is your poodle a poser? Does your collie think she’s on the catwalk? This is the set for you as nothing says ‘glam’ more than a touch of leopard.

The contrast of pale pink print with the lilac webbing on this collar and lead combo could be said to be over the top, but we say why not? Brighten up your daily dog walk and make a statement.

Key stats

Sizes available: Small, medium, large

Length of lead: 120cm

Materials: Grosgrain, nylon webbing, nickel clips, plastic buckles

This collar and lead set is superb quality – the standard of workmanship is high and it’s all put together beautifully, with top-notch fittings and lovely thick Belgian leather.

It would make a great present for the dog lover in your life. We loved the contrasting grey leather with its oversized brass fittings – this one was for the classiest of canines.

Key stats

Sizes available: small, medium, large, extra large

Lead length: 63cm

Materials: Bridle leather, brass

How’s this for a bargain? Your fellow dogwalkers will think you’ve been splurging in the pet boutique again, but no – good old Wilko has come up trumps with this great-value tan leather set.

We liked the contrast stitching and tan colourway, and although not in the softest leather of expensive collars and leads, this one will soften up over time.

Key stats

Sizes available: One size fitting 10-14cm

Length of lead: 107cm

Materials: Leather, nickel

In a classic black and white combo, our tester loved the look of this set on her cream cavapoo and got lots of comments about his smart new look.

The collar is covered in a houndstooth made of Harris Tweed and the fittings are nice and chunky. It’s a good value combo and certainly looks more expensive than its price tag.

Key stats

Sizes available: Extra extra small, extra small, small, medium, large

Length of lead: N/A

Materials: Harris tweed

The Liberty-style cotton print on this set is so pretty and makes a change from leather or workaday nylon.

Form small to extra large, even the butchest bulldog will look great in this ditsy print.

We thought this set was value for money – a different design, nicely made and won’t break the bank.

Key stats

Sizes available: Small, medium, large, extra large

Length of lead: 105cm

Materials: Cotton, nylon, nickel

Can’t get enough of your doggo’s cute little face?

Get it plastered all over his lead and collar with this personalised option from Prezzybox.

Definitely a talking point and a must for anyone whose phone is chock-a-clock with portraits of their fluffy furbaby.

Let’s face it, that’s every pawrent on the planet, right?

Key stats

Sizes available: small, medium, large

Length of lead: 70cm

Materials: nylon, plastic