UK forecast to be hotter than Portugal before bout of torrential rain

The UK will be hit with a brief hot blast of warm weather over the coming days, with temperatures forecast to be hotter than Portugal.

The south of England is set to get the best of the sunny spell on Thursday (16 September), reaching highs above the expected 22C in Faro in the the southern Algarve.

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But the summery weather is expected to last long amid warnings of torrential rain and heavy winds over the weekend.

What has the Met Office said?

Aidan McGivern, Met Office forecaster, has said the UK has been “much warmer than average for the first half of September” and this will continue ahead of the weekend.

He said: “There will be fog patches first thing and poor visibility on the roads, but once the fog clears, most places will have a fine day, with warm sunny spells.

“It will be 23 or 24C in the south and in the high teens for the north.”

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What is the forecast for this week?

Today (16 September) will see most parts of the country stay dry, with spots of cloud and sunny spells, and some isolated showers possible.

In the south and east it will feel particularly warm, with light winds turning wet and windy in the far northwest later in the afternoon.

Spells of rain across Northern Ireland and Scotland are forecast on Thursday evening, but it is expected to stay drier in the south east with potential low cloud and fog forming.

On Friday (17 September) much of England, Wales, and eastern Scotland will see continuing warm sunshine.

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However, forecasters have warned this warm weather will likely be replaced with heavy rain by the weekend, when torrential downpours are expected.

Much of the country will see rain showers on Saturday and Sunday, although conditions are forecast to be worse in the south and may lead to flooding in some parts.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, NationalWorld.