Toniebox system helping familes keep in contact with loved ones

Interactive toy

Tonieboxes which are simple to operate by small hands

With lockdown looking likely to separate families across the country this Christmas many grandparents will have to connect with their grandchildren virtually.

Helping grandparents

But endless screen time can be tiring and not all grandparents want to be using tablets or phones.Enter the Toniebox – a screenless, interactive audio system that is revolutionising the way we interact with stories and connect with others.

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Simply place the Tonie character on top of the Toniebox, and the content from that character begins to play. As well as pre-recorded stories, you can upload up to 90 minutes of your own audio onto a Creative-Tonie.

Giving grandparents precious time with grandchildren from remote location

Perhaps a grandparent who wants to read their grandkids a bedtime story or Christmas tale – well, now they can, and they can stay connected, wherever they might be.

Tonies and Tonieboxes provide big adventures for little ears by playing children’s favourite audio anytime, anywhere.

It has never been easier, or more fun, for children to listen to their favourite audio than with this portable, child-friendly speaker. Designed for small hands, the adventure starts once a Tonie figure is placed on top of the Toniebox.

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The audio stops when the Tonie is taken off. But don’t worry, when you replace the Tonie it will remember where you left off.

The clever box of audio fun provides hours of entertainment, offering little ones the chance to listen to the many classics available in the range like The Gruffalo, The Little Prince, The Snowman, The Lion King or The Jungle Book to name a few.

Other options are musical Tonies, such as lullabies or playtime songs. Or, you can combine audio fun with educational content which guides children through the world of horses, dinosaurs and more, with Tonies that provide a new method for learning in an engaging way.

Parents can even record and create their own parent-approved content via the free Tonie-App, and play this back to their kids using special versions of the Tonies called Creative-Tonies.

Limitless possibilities

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This gives parents limitless possibilities for interactive play, brings excitement to children and immerses the whole family in their favourite stories and songs. More than 14 million Tonies, which are simple to use and around 1.5 million Tonieboxes, have been sold across Europe since they launched across the continent.

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