The 'bin bag vacuum challenge' is the latest bizarre craze to sweep social media

The 'bin bag vacuum challenge' is the newest craze sweeping the internet (Photo: Lucas Shilliday)The 'bin bag vacuum challenge' is the newest craze sweeping the internet (Photo: Lucas Shilliday)
The 'bin bag vacuum challenge' is the newest craze sweeping the internet (Photo: Lucas Shilliday)

Parents have started to vacuum pack their children as part of a bizarre craze which is sweeping the internet, as demonstrated in the above video.

The challenge involves children and teenagers climbing inside a bin bag (any type will do) before using a vacuum cleaner to suck all of the air out of the bag.

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What follows is the person in the bag becoming stuck in place as the bag wraps around them - essentially vacuum packing their body inside it.

One person who did the challenge said they ended up on the floor of their kitchen for two hours, unable to move, before their parents came in to rescue them.

Long line of internet challenges

The 'bin bag vacuum challenge', or for our American friends, the 'trash bag vacuum challenge', is the latest in a long list of internet challenges.

Ranging from the hilarious to the dangerous, they have been a staple of our internet diet for a decade.

Here are three you might remember from the last few years:

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The Cinnamon Challenge

The premise is simple, take a tablespoon and fill it to the brim with ground cinnamon.

Delicious in cookies and cakes, less so in large amounts. Videos spread across the web like wildfire of people coughing and spluttering from behind a cloud of cinnamon dust.

Unlike later challenges such as the Tide Pod challenge, which involved people eating washing detergent pods, this challenge didn't pose any health risks and was simply watching people make a fool of themselves.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

One of the most heartwarming challenge, the ice bucket challenge began as a fundraising and awareness promoting tool for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which is also known as motor neuron disease.

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Going viral in 2014, the challenge involved people having large buckets of ice cold water poured on their head before nominating others to do the same, with the forfeit a charitable donation.

Money from donations reportedly brought in almost $140m for ALS and motor neurone disease charities in the US.

The Ice and Salt Challenge

One of the more stupid challenges was the ice and salt challenge.

This involved people pouring salt on their arm before placing ice on top. The mixture would lead to a freezing chemical reaction which could bring the temperature of the liquid as low as -18 degrees Celsius.

Many partakers in the challenge were left with second or third degree burns similar to frostbite, all for a few hundred views.

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