Star Wars Day: Data reveals top fan favourite cosplays

Many people will be getting dressed up in Star Wars cosplay to celebrate the franchise. With over 21,600 Star Wars characters to choose from, the question is which is the most popular and easiest to cosplay?

The 45-year franchise will be widely celebrated, as pictured above (photo: adobe)

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In order to find out, conducted research into Google search volumes and social media hashtag data. This is also accompanied by tips and tricks on how to make your own Star Wars outfit at home and be introduced to the world of cosplay.

Top 10 Most Popular Star Wars Characters To Cosplay

RankCharacterInstagram Hashtag PostsTikTok Hashtag ViewsAverage Monthly Google Search VolumeOverall Popularity Index Score (out of 10)
2Princess Leia31,30028,800,0003,0009.64
3Boba Fett19,80017,400,0003,9009.55
=5Darth Vader19,10014,700,0002,4009.39
7Kylo Ren61,700155,000,0006009.35
8Darth Maul5,00011,400,0001,5009.05
9Padmé Amidala5,00021,600,0009009.03
10Anakin Skywalker5,00011,300,0001,4009.01 can reveal that the most popular Star Wars character to cosplay is Rey with a popularity index score of 9.82 out of 10.

Rey cosplay has an average monthly search volume of 2,200 and #Reycosplay has 77,800 posts on Instagram and more than 170 million TikTok views. Rey is first introduced in The Force Awakens (2015) as an orphan and goes on to become a very strong Jedi and is still present in current movies being the only Jedi left.

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The second most popular character to cosplay is Princess Leia with a popularity index score of 9.64 out of 10. Princess Leia cosplay has an average monthly search volume of 3,000 and #PrincessLeiacosplay has 31,300 posts on Instagram and 28,800,000 views on TikTok.

Following is Ahsoka in fourth with a score of 9.48Stormtrooper and Darth Vader, with a score of 9.39, respectively rank in joint fifth place.

Highest Ranking Star Wars Cosplay per category:

Average monthly global searches:

  1. Boba Fett - 3,900
  2. Princess Leia - 3,000
  3. Ahsoka - 2,600

Instagram hashtag posts:

  1. Rey - 77,800
  2. Kylo Ren - 61,700
  3. Princess Leia - 31,300

TikTok hashtag views:

  1. Rey - 170,900,000
  2. Kylo Ren - 155,000,000
  3. Hera - 29,500,000

General statistics for Star Wars Cosplay:

Instagram: 904,000 posts

TikTok: 976,500,000 views

Google search volumes: 12,000 searches globally on average each month

Tips and tricks for making your Star Wars outfit:

  1. First time cosplaying? We would recommend choosing a human character and starting off with a simpler costume. Cosplay forums can be super helpful for specific tips and tricks and for reviewing your costume.
  2. Choose a character that you like and have knowledge around.
  3. General rules of thumb for Star Wars cosplay is rebels and the light side wear a casual, leather or khaki look, while if on the dark side they wear black.
  4. If making a costume, charity shops can provide a great base for access to cheap fabric and materials that are able to be cut up and repurposed into a Star Wars costume.
  5. Think of comfort if and when designing and making your outfit. For example, add pockets, use a mask if you are worried face paint will run, make it a maneuverable size and make props light.
  6. Cosplay is a close community and therefore people will want to network, so be sure to have a cosplay social media account and to be friendly, respectful and polite to everyone.
  7. Do it for yourself- you are doing it for your own enjoyment and allow that to give you confidence. It is about having fun, there are no gatekeepers and people appreciate effort more than accuracy. It is about being with other people who share a passion for the franchise.
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