Mrs Hinch fans share £2 cleaning trick that gets your shower screen sparkling

A cleaning hack to sort out glass shower screens has been shared on social media.

Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch rose to fame by sharing her tips and tricks online.

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Now, some fans of the cleaning guru, whose real name is Sophie, share their tips in Facebook groups.

On the page, one person asked for advice on how to clean a glass shower door.

What was the trick?

On Facebook, one woman asked: “Best way to get stubborn watermarks off a glass shower screen? Tried a scrub daddy with Elbow Grease also washing up liquid, seems to be engrained.”

She received around 30 comments from cleaning fans who offered, help, and many told her about Viakal bathroom limescale remover.

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The product can be bought for £2 from Tesco, £2.50 from Wilko, and £3 from Morrisons

People say the spray is the perfect tool to get your bathroom looking squeaky clean in no time at all.

“Then wash off with hot water and leave to dry.”

And a third commented: “Scrub with Viakal then rinse well. Then white vinegar and buff with glass cloth.”

Are there any alternatives to Viakal?

However, some people did mention a natural alternative. 

One fan commented: "I use white vinegar spray – best thing, and if it’s a little bit of a build-up then I put a bit of baking soda on it with the vinegar. Comes off really well and leaves no marks.”

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To use this method, spray the solution onto a clean towel or cloth and then use that to wipe down the screen, and try not to spray directly onto the glass, as that could leave more marks.

Lemon juice works similarly to vinegar. To use this method squeeze the juice into a spray bottle, or rub the lemon itself over your glass shower screen before removing it with water and cleaning it as normal.

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