Here are the chances of a heatwave across the UK next week

Temperatures are reported to be on the rise next week in the UK, with dry, sunny and warm conditions. But is a heatwave really coming to the UK?

The weather looks set to be changeable across the country.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Dan Harris, said, “As we head into next week we are expecting some parts of the country to see some very warm weather, which could reach heatwave thresholds.

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“However, in the cloudier, windier and wetter parts of the north west temperatures will be nearer normal despite high humidity.”

Will there be a ‘continental heat dome’?

Although there’s recently been speculation regarding a so-called ‘continental heat dome’, which is set to bring warm conditions to the UK, this is not a meteorological term used by the Met Office.

Mr Harris further elaborates on this, adding that “this is not a meteorological term that is recognised professionally and the origin of the term is unclear.

As can often happen at this time of year, a high-pressure system will develop over the near continent, bringing warm continental air into the south and east of the UK.

This week’s weather

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Friday morning (19 July) is set to see heavy rain in Wales and South West England, which will soon spread north-eastwards reaching southern Scotland later.

“Heavy showers, some perhaps thundery, may then follow into parts of Northern Ireland, Wales and northern and central England,” adds the Met Office.

Further wet weather later on Friday will leave parts of southern and southwestern England quite wet, before some areas in southeast England then become quite wet on Friday night.

Saturday is set to be a brighter day, with some sunny spells but also a chance of showers.

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“These showers will be heavy and thundery in places, and could be accompanied by hail, all of which could again adversely affect driving conditions,” said the Met Office.

For many, Sunday is set to see sunny spells and patchy cloud away from Western Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Here there will be steadily increasing cloud, outbreaks of rain, and winds will strengthen through the day,” adds the Met Office.

This article was originally published on our sister site, Yorkshire Evening Post.