Gyms face a weighty task in coaxing members back

More than a third of Brits will not be returning to the gym when lockdown restrictions lift.

Ahead of plans to open selected gyms in the UK in early July with social distancing measures in place, a survey has found that 40.40% of people will be swerving communal fitness centres.

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Nearly 11,000 people with gym memberships around  the world were asked if they would be returning and just under half (46.67%) said no.

The findings showed that on the whole women (52.5%) were less likely to go back to the gym than men. Yet men were more likely to cancel their membership (37.2%) than women (32.26%), according to the findings released on sports website

Healthy accounts

In a separate study it was revealed that UK fitness enthusiasts are saving up to £90 a month on average by not going to the gym or sports centres.

Whilst the lockdown is bad news for the sports and leisure industry due to temporary closures, many Brits will save large sums.

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The average gym membership in the UK comes in at a whopping £40, and the UK average cost of a personal training session is £50, experts at financial website The Money Pig have found.

Following self-isolation measures implemented by the British government in March, gyms froze members’ direct debit payments.

During lockdown, fitness fans have turned to free classes on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to keep themselves, and their bank balance healthy.

(photo: Shutterstock).