A new fund could help fitness coaches to earn money during lockdown

Anthony Joshua and Lucozade Sport have launched a new campaign to help fitness experts keep the nation active during lockdown. 

The two-time World Heavyweight Champion has backed the sport and exercise drink brand’s new ‘Keep Us Moving’ campaign, which will help fund the nation’s fitness experts who are keeping the nation active during the coronavirus outbreak. 

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Keep Us Moving is a new initiative launched in response to the pandemic and is an extension to Lucozade Sport’s ‘Made To Move’ platform, which since 2016 has seen £30 million invested in order to help the public stay active. 

Who is the fund for?

The initial £100,000 fund has been available since Wednesday 15 April, for all qualified trainers - such as personal trainers, fitness coaches and instructors - to benefit from.

With help from the fund, fitness experts nationwide will be given the opportunity to host online classes through Lucozade Sport’s Instagram TV channel and YouTube channel. 

The online classes will be available to the public for free, between Monday to Friday.

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All contributing trainers will be paid for each piece of their content that is used by the channel, in return for their expertise. 

Support from Anthony Joshua

British boxer Anthony Joshua launched the new fund with an Instagram video where he addresses “all coaches, trainers, instructors”, stating “we need you”.

In the self-shot video, he said, “It’s a tricky time right now and, together with Lucozade Sport, we’ve created an initiative to support the fitness profession and help all you trainers do what you do best - keep the nation moving.”

In a separate statement, Joshua said, “Sport is being impacted on a global level by this pandemic and coaches and trainers are having to find new ways to adapt.

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“But there’s no better time for the nation to be keeping fit, so I hope trainers across the country will take the opportunity to join me in keeping Britain moving.

How can I apply?

If you are a qualified fitness instructor, personal trainer or coach, to get involved all you have to do is film a 15 minute training session from home and submit it on the Lucozade website.

Who has benefited from the fund so far?

So far those who have benefited from the Keep Us Moving fund include pilates expert, sports therapist and powerlifter, Jemma Shaw, from Southampton, who released a pilates workout video for the campaign, and national kickboxing champion and coach, Brendan Martin from Guildford.