Your views on Lidl's £1.50 damaged veg boxes: "This is the tip of the iceberg!"

The damaged veg box from Aldi. What do you think?The damaged veg box from Aldi. What do you think?
The damaged veg box from Aldi. What do you think?
Lidl is launching its £1.50 damaged veg boxes nationwide after saving 250 tonnes of food waste in six months.

The supermarket began a trial in 122 stores in August and has since sold 50,000 boxes.

Now, the German discounter is rolling out the veg boxes in all branches in England, Scotland, and Wales.

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The £1.50 boxes contain about five kilos of slightly damaged, discoloured or deteriorated fruit and veg.

But while “imperfect”, everything included is still perfectly good to eat.

Boxes are put together daily by staff and are available to customers from opening until midday, after which they are given to local charity and community groups.

We asked for your opinions and here are a selection

Fab idea. Especially for those with young kids and on UC...but do they know how to actually cook it...sadly I doubt it.

Dawn Valentine

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Dawn Valentine, how right you are, I was peeling spuds and making chips when a little boy asked me what I was doing, “Making chips” I said, he said, “Don’t be silly chips are not made from potatoes they come in a bag.”

Roger Goodred

Great idea. Everyone is struggling nowadays not just people on benefits. Every little helps.

Janine Lumb

This is great, I worked at Lidl a few years back and the amount of waste was appalling so I’m glad to see they have made positive changes.

Carina Walker

Think it’s a good idea. Ones that can’t afford the normal prices will at least be able to buy one or two boxes and have fresh food for their families.

Christine Simmonds

Always keep your fruit and veg together, it lasts longer.

Steve McGawley

I can see a lot of soup coming along!

Pamela Ingham

Will be looking for one today.

Dalia Hanbury

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You can use some of these vegetables to make some easy lovely soup.Not quite worked out what to do with the fruit but. Just eat it, seems a good idea.

Linda Coldham

A good initiative but is it greenwash.This is the tip of the iceberg at the end of the food chain.

Howard Shaw

Fantastic idea.

Sylvia Hutton

Brilliant idea let’s see all the supermarkets follow their lead!!!

Susan Eastwood

Wow! At last a supermarket has this brilliant idea and hope others follow suit. We throw away far too much edible food. Well done Lidl!

Annemarie Diaj

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Great idea - perhaps those now who say they cannot afford to feed their families now can. No excuses!

Karan Tett

We should start doing it, it’s a fab idea.

Jenny Clarkson

At last someone is having a bit of sense. Throwing stuff out because it is the wrong shape is crazy. Great idea.

Helen Dempster