WINTER HILL: Tracks and trails around the fire remain closed to the public

Lancashire Fire have confirmed that all tracks around Winter Hill will remain closed - for now.

The area marked in red is currently off limits
The area marked in red is currently off limits

A spokesman from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) said that the immediate area surrounding Winter Hill, highlighted in red in the above image, "remains as an area of firefighting activity" but that they are being "constantly reviewed".

They added: "The movement of emergency service vehicles and personnel continues, presenting a potential hazard to anyone entering the zone and with a likelihood that their presence would adversely affect firefighting activity.

"For clarity – though not specifically included our original map, Rivington Gardens remains closed and please note the ‘old’ Belmont Road on the top boundary of the Gardens remains closed to traffic and the general public on foot and on bicycles between Rivington Road and where it meets George’s Lane."

The area marked in red is currently off limits

Only necessary traffic and access for those with properties on that road is currently permitted until such time as the emergency response has concluded.

Confusion arose with the announcement that the A675 (Belmont Road) on the other side of Winter Hill had re-opened to traffic, but though this is still the case the unmade road that is the old road to Belmont remains within the firefighting zone.

Firefighters tackling the blaze in its immediate aftermath