The Winckley Square Hotel: A jewel in the crown of Preston's Northern Quarter-style living boom

Two years after the launch of a campaign to create a Northern Quarter-style living boom in Preston city centre, the ambitious vision is starting to take shape.

Friday, 22nd February 2019, 3:56 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd February 2019, 5:07 pm
Winckley Square Hotel

A shining example of the investment that is pouring into the city is the Winckley Square Hotel. Take a look around:

Meet Max Walker-Williams, owner of the Winckley Square Hotel in Preston
City businessmen are pouring millions into projects including high-end apartments, luxury hotels and a variety of restaurants and bars.

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Council leaders behind the City Living Strategy aimed to promote the city as an attractive affordable alternative to Manchester and Liverpool
Now a swathe of development is underway, with investors keen to get onboard with the transformation.
Preston is on the up and money is coming in, said Max Walker-Williams, who is behind the citys growing luxury hotel offering.
In 2017 Mr Walker-Williams opened No.10 Preston in Theatre Street, and seven weeks ago, launched a second luxury apart-hotel
Although not directly influenced by the councils scheme, such is his belief in the vibrancy of the city, he is also investing in a new development of residential apartments in Glovers Court
The Ribble Valleys coming to Preston. In fact, Preston is the capital of the Ribble Valley, and its starting to look that way too, said the father-of-three.
You have all the best restaurants and bars and places to stay starting to come through, as well as the shops here and the connectivity."
You dont need to live, surrounded by fields, so enjoy good food any more.
His decision to open a second apart-hotel in the city centre, as well as Flanagans Brasserie, with Jayne Flanagan, came after demand for the areas only five-star-rated hotel.
he launch night before Christmas, featured a movie-grade snow machine cascading snow down onto Camden Place, against a backdrop of the squares first gas light in 140 years.
It looked like something out of Dickens, he said.
Max and his team are also responsible for last years Valentines Day stunt which saw hundreds of hearts sprayed onto pavements across the city, as well as dozens of red heart-shaped balloons.
When asked why, he said: Its about doing things to the greatest standard possible, without taking yourself too seriously.
How it used to look
This transformation is happening, but it has to be organic, you cant force it.