What are fidget spinners and where can I find them?

Some schools have started to ban fidget spinnersSome schools have started to ban fidget spinners
Some schools have started to ban fidget spinners
Have you heard of fidget spinners yet? If you haven't, it's a safe bet that you will soon.

So what is it?

The latest craze to sweep the school playground and offices a like, fidget spinners are becoming increasingly popular as stress relievers.

Coming in a variety of shapes and colours, the fidget spinners are the most popular of a range of ‘kidult’ toys.

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You can either place them flat on a table and flick them or hold them in your fingers and spin them.

The rapidly spinning gadget can help people focus or relieve anxiety, most notably helping children with ADHD or Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Where can I find them?

The pocket-sized Fidget spinners can be bought online from as little as £1.63 on Amazon.

Other retailers, such as ToysRUs and The Works, now also stock them, as well as online retailers eBay and Prezzybox.

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There are variants available, like the fidget cube. Rather than spinning, the cube includes a section that glides, rolls, clicks and flips to keep your fingers occupied and your mind distracted.

Anything else I should know?

They may turn out to be a little too good at distracting you.

Some schools have started to ban fidget spinners because they are proving too much of a distraction.

Parents have defended them because of their therapeutic effects on children with ADHD/ASD.

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