UK temperature to drop below Russia's this weekend

If there's one thing we can rely upon it's the unreliability of the British weather. After Ibiza-beating temperatures earlier in the week some parts of Britain are set to be colder than Russia this weekend.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 13th May 2016, 12:00 pm
Updated Friday, 13th May 2016, 12:06 pm
St Petersburg in Russia will be warmer than some parts of the UK this weekend
St Petersburg in Russia will be warmer than some parts of the UK this weekend

This week saw the highest temperature of the year so far, with a recorded 28C, but forecasters are warning that parts of northern England could see frost over the weekend as temperatures plummet.

The drop of up to 10C will see parts of the country experience low-to-mid-teens, colder than St Petersburg, which is due to see highs of 21C over the weekend.

Looking ahead to weekend, a Met Office spokesperson said: "Across most of the country temperatures will be around the 11C to 14C mark, with London a little warmer up to 15C.

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"It will be pleasant for most people when the sun is out but it will be colder than it was last weekend.”

"The sun should be there for most people, but there will be showers around in isolated areas, most likely in the north and the east of the UK.

"There will be some sun around the west and south west and there will be clouds around at times for most people.

"For Sunday it will be mostly dry and temperatures will be similar to Friday and Saturday, with highs of 16C in the south and around 13C in the north and a bit lower in Scotland.

"There is a potential for some overnight frost in the rural spots in the north for Sunday morning.

"Temperatures will be mainly at around average for the time of year or just a bit below."