'We Prestonians are proud' - Locals react to Preston's city survey ranking

Data revealing the most and least popular of Britain's 57 cities has ranked Preston as one of the worst.

Tuesday, 21st August 2018, 4:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st August 2018, 5:05 pm
Locals react to Preston's city survey ranking
Locals react to Preston's city survey ranking

A survey conducted by YouGov.co.uk and completed by 55,000 members has placed Preston as 53rd, with only a measly 33% of people saying they like it. The highest rated city is York with 92%, as people say they can engage with its historic Viking history, and Bradford is the lowest, scoring 27%. Neighbouring cities such as Manchester and Liverpool were also ranked low.

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REVEALED: Preston rated as one of Britain's least liked cities

Preston maybe post-industrial in looks, but it was friendly in humans. but the surrounding towns are a mixed bag.

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Ian Upton

Maybe time to look at Preston's rising anti social behaviour (relates the poor result to the rise in crime rates)

Beth Airey

Ok maybe not a nice as it once was but I think we are a friendly bunch on the whole, and wouldn’t like to live anywhere else

Karen Humphreys

We Prestonians are proud

Melanie O'Kane

Nothing wrong with Preston , These surveys say something different every time.

Margaret Sylvester

It's a dump

Sharon Barrett

True its a toilet, the best thing out of it is the M6 going south-however not as bad as Blackburn, Burnley.

Chris Smith

Preston is too small to be a city, it doesn't get enough tourism and there isn't enough funding being put back into the areas that need it.

Chaquille Buchanan