Water Street Spice’d do Rick proud

Cinnamon SpiceWater Road, Preston

Saturday, 15th March 2014, 7:00 am
Cinnamon Spice

The great Rick Stein wrote recently: “There is something about a curry that is all pervading – just the mere mention of the word ignites a longing deep inside us, especially after a couple of beers in good company.”

Well said Rick. We often have that very longing in our house. And we always put our trust in the same place to have that desire fulfilled.

Cinnamon Spice has been an Ashton institution for years and serves up among the best takeaway curries anywhere in Preston or South Ribble.

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We chose chicken rogan josh, chicken vindaloo, sag aloo and poppadoms for £16.90.

They are common enough curries but the quality and depth of flavour of the ones from Cinnamon Spice, on Water Street, is immediately obvious.

The rogan josh sauce had a naturally sweet tomato taste but with a subtle lemon sharpness and a delicious background flavour of coriander, which together produced a rich, satisfying and deep result.

Too often with vindaloo, the spice is turned up so high that you can’t taste the sauce. Again there was a satisfying sharpness that cut through the fiery taste. This time it had a fresh vinegary taste.

So far so good. And so it went on.

The pilau rice was fragrant and not too dry (or sticky). The sag aloo (potato and spinach) was rich and sat well with the sharp tasting curry.

A satisfying meal of a quality you would be happy with in a restaurant.

A mention should also go to the telephone staff and delivery drivers who are always polite and helpful.

I’m particularly glad I followed chef Stein’s advice and washed it all down with one (or three) beers.

James Reader

Star rating: 8.5