Warning after 15 people injured in station train crash

Rail operators have been urged to review the quality of their training after a train smashed into buffers atPreston Station, injuring 15 people.

Wednesday, 21st June 2017, 6:51 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:44 am
Damage after the York to Blackpool North service collided with the buffers on platform 3C at Preston Station on 01/04/17

The Rail Accident Investigation Board (RAIB) today revealed a trainee driver operated the power controller instead of the brake when approaching platform 3C on April 1.

Although he pulled the emergency brake four seconds after realising the mistake, the Northern York to Blackpool North service hit buffers at 6mph, causing damage and injuries to two crew members and 13 passengers - one requiring hospitalisation.

A report by the RAIB states one passenger fell through the door between the front car saloon and the driving cab, and a child in a pushchair was narrowly missed by a falling disabled access ramp.

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The report says that prior to the accident, the driver mentor was unable to see the actions of the trainee because a partition between the cab and the gangway hid his view of the driver’s desk.

It states: “The driver mentor reported that he saw the trainee’s right arm move and called to him to brake, but was unable to intervene to avert the accident.”

In conclusion, the RAIB has highlighted the need for driving instructors to closely supervise trainees on higher risk sections of the route, said train operators should review the quality of training for new drivers and security of disabled access boarding ramps should be made secure.

Northern Railway, which ran the York to Blackpool North service were unavailable for comment when approached by The Post.