'Wanted man' arrested after 130mph drama on M6 in Lancashire

Lancashire police carried out an operation to arrest an offender driving at speeds of more than 130mph.

By David Nowell
Sunday, 17th February 2019, 8:48 am
Updated Sunday, 17th February 2019, 2:57 pm
The TPAC operation in Lancaster
The TPAC operation in Lancaster

The fleeing driver, in a stolen silver BMW, was pursued along the M6 before being "boxed in" by police vehicles just off Junction 34 at Lancaster.

The driver and two other male occupants were arrested at the scene early today (Sunday).

Lancs Road Police posted photos of the successful conclusion of the operation and tweeted: "Reaching speeds in excess of 130mph this driver was wanted.

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The TPAC operation in Lancaster

"Recall to prison, driving a stolen vehicle from a burglary, possess an offensive weapon, no docs, drug driving and other driving offences,

"Stopped using TPAC tactics."

Tactical Pursuit And Containment describes training for managing and terminating police pursuits.

TPAC embodies several methods of stopping fleeing vehicles, including rolling roadblocks, use of spike strips, and the "box and stop" containment method.

One senior Lancashire Police officer said the TPAC operation was "executed faultlessly."