Voice star Cody set for live TV showdown

Cody Frost.Cody Frost.
Cody Frost.
This time last year the biggest crowd 17-year-old Cody Frost had performed in front of was a handful of shoppers during one of her busking expeditions.

Tonight she will be singing live on national television to an audience well into the millions as she continues her incredible journey on “The Voice”.

While most people would be a sleep-deprived bundle of nerves in the lead up to such a momentous occasion, Cody is more concerned about having to say goodbye to any of the friends she has made.

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“I am nervous but only because I don’t want to have to say goodbye to anyone here. They have all become really close friends and whoever has to leave on Saturday, it’s going to be really sad.

“I don’t really get nervous. Other people might do but that’s not how I feel, not at the moment. I probably will be nervous on the night though.”

The former Blessed Trinity School pupil made the final 12 after her performance of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall”, shown on Sunday, saw her become one of mentor Boy George’s three picks.

The Culture Club star said he was looking for somebody who could be a “real artist” and in Cody he had found that person.

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“It was a bit weird, watching it,” said Cody, who now lives in Nelson. “I actually watched it with Vangelis’ family because we came down here at the weekend ready for the live show.

“We’ve been going through rehearsals and all the choreography. It’s been fun seeing everyone again.”

Saturday night marks the first live show of the series and Cody cannot wait.

“It seems a long, long time ago since we recorded the knockouts so I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while. Singing live doesn’t bother me too much because even if I had messed up when it wasn’t live, I wouldn’t have got another chance. The pressure is the same so live doesn’t make that much difference to me really.”

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Cody was keeping quiet when it came to this weekend’s song choice but said she had been having fun working on it with mentor Boy George.

“The song has only recently been chosen. George really likes the song I’m doing and he wanted me to do it. It’s been really good. We get more time with him now obviously so it’s been a lot of fun. He even let me wear his hat which was a real honour. He’s been lovely.”

Watch Cody on “The Voice” tonight at 7pm.

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