Urgent call for Preston Salvation Army foodbank donations ahead of Easter

Natalie Thomas at the Preston Salvation Army foodbankNatalie Thomas at the Preston Salvation Army foodbank
Natalie Thomas at the Preston Salvation Army foodbank
A foodbank in Preston is appealing for donations ahead of the Easter holidays.

Demand for food is known to increase over holidays when school children are off.

The Salvation Army foodbank in Harrington Street has been struggling to keep providing food as donations have dwindled over recent months.

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Earlier this March they issued an appeal for city residents to continue giving.

A spokesman said: “We understand food appeal can be exhausting but the need is extremely high.

"Our food bank currently has around two weeks worth of food and toiletries to support people in need.

"We have used over 100 trays of food in 18 days and only had around 25 trays of food donated.

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"We are spending around £300-£400 weekly to try and top up items that are needed but we are still really struggling.”

In its latest appeal the spokesman said: “Thank you to everyone who has donated to the food bank.

"We are still extremely low and are asking for more donations to prepare us for the Easter increase.”

A spokesman from Preston City Council got behind the call.

They said: "If anyone can help with donations for the Salvation Army foodbank, it would be very welcome for the families in need across the city.

"With the Easter school holidays approaching, many children could go without a hot meal each day.

"The Town Hall is a drop off point or take direct to Harrington Street."