Peter Kay’s Tram Share: Much-loved comic continues his love affair with Blackpool – and tells chippy they do the ‘best steak puddings’!

It was more of a tram share than car share for household favourite Peter Kay, who continued his love affair with Blackpool during a trip to the resort.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 11:44 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 11:44 am
Comedian Peter Kay with Renee Hickson at Bispham Kitchen, Red Bank Road, Bispham, on Monday, April 22, 2019
Comedian Peter Kay with Renee Hickson at Bispham Kitchen, Red Bank Road, Bispham, on Monday, April 22, 2019

The 45-year-old Bolton comic posed for pictures after clambouring aboard a topless heritage tram and enjoying the bank holiday sunshine yesterday.

The Phoenix Nights and Car Share star also posed with fans inside Bispham Kitchen in Red Bank Road, Bispham, and was described as a “fabulous man” by 
worker Renee Hickson.

She said: “He was so nice. He called in for food and was laughing and joking with the customers. He said we make the best steak pudding ever – I told him we don’t make garlic bread!”

Comedian Peter Kay with tram workers in Blackpool on Monday, April 22, 2019 (Picture: Heritage Tram Tours/Twitter)

Heritage Tram Tours, which runs the historic vehicles up and down the Fylde coast, added on Twitter: “We do love a celebrity passenger on our tours, when we can’t get one @PeterKay_co_uk will do instead! He kindly allowed a a photo with the driver and conductor on Boat 600 this afternoon.”

Peter’s affinity for Blackpool helped catapult him to mega fame, after he shot episodes of That Peter Kay Thing and Phoenix Nights here, as well as filming his smash hit stand up DVD Live at the Top of the Tower at 
the Tower.

He was due to return to the resort to perform as part of a new tour, but that was cancelled in December 2017 for personal reasons. Peter then made a surprise appearance at the Opera House last April, where three screenings of the finale of his most recent comedy hit Car Share were held.

The proceeds – more than £34,000 – went to the Lily Foundation, which helps seriously ill children.

During his impromptu appearance, Peter said: “Enjoy the last ever episode of Car Share. Don’t tell anyone the end. Or tell anyone about any hedgehogs.” And, bowing as he left the stage, he added: “So thank you. Lots of love. Enjoy. Take care. Bye bye.”

Audience member Alison Moore, 45, said Peter appeared on stage after the interval to a rapturous welcome.

“People were shouting out that they loved him, some stood up to clap,” she said.

“He seemed really fine, relaxed and genuinely touched by the reaction he got. He’s held in such high regard up this way. It was just really good to see him.”