'Gravity defying' mystery sculptures appear at several sites around Lancaster

A series of mystery abstract sculptures that have sprung up across the district have sparked the interest of Lancaster City Museum.

No one knows who the sculptor is and no-one has yet come forward.

A total of three small but distinctive sculptures have appeared.

They are on the Lancaster cycle path along the quay near Marsh Point, at the Crook O’ Lune car park, and at the junction of Bridge Lane and Damside Lane on the city’s one way system.

One of the mystery sculptures in Lancaster.

The steel sculptures feature gravity defying elements, geometric shapes, grids and butterflies.

They even have their own Instagram page under the name @steelpublication which may be a play on words – ‘steel sculptures made available for public view.’

The sculptures appear to have been placed on public rather than private land.

Lancaster City Museum has featured the mystery sculptor as Artist of the Week on its Instagram page.

The sculpture on the cycle path sign for Marsh Point.

They wrote: "This week we have spotted a new and rather unusual piece of sculpture attached to the top of the signpost at the Freeman’s Wood/Lune cycle path crossroads.

"Are you the mystery artist in our spotlight or can you tell us any more about the gravity defying piece?’

What the purpose of this guerrilla sculpture placement is remains unknown.

Have you spotted the sculptures?

A sculpture has also appeared at Woodies at The Crook O' Lune.

Do we have a Banksy in our midst? Are you the mystery artist?

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