TV presenter keeps her cool as spider crawls down her arm during live broadcast

A US news anchor presented a live segment with a spider crawling down her arm, much to the horror of some viewers.
Murray wrote: "For those asking, YES I felt it!Murray wrote: "For those asking, YES I felt it!
Murray wrote: "For those asking, YES I felt it!

Dallas-based Fox 4 presenter Shannon Murray was reporting on a protest held by workers at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport when the large eight-legged creature made its way up and down her bare arm and across her shoulder.

After being hailed for her professional, unflinching manner during the broadcast, Murray later explained that she had no idea the spider was on her arm.

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Having turned her creepy-crawly moment into a news segment of its own, the Fox 4 News channel posted it on Facebook.

Under the post, Murray wrote: "For those asking, YES I felt it! But I had no idea it was a spider until a VIEWER let me know on Facebook! EEK."

Murray revealed that the person who had alerted her to the spider's unwelcome presence on her arm had written, in frenzied capital letters: "SHANNON! YOU HAVE A SPIDER CRAWLING ON YOUR LEFT ARM!!!!"

Along with a screengrab of the warning message, she wrote on Twitter: "THIS. JUST. HAPPENED. I knew I felt something on me!!"

She also joked: "Why do bad thinks happen to good people?"

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Reporting on the spider incident, Murray's colleague said in the clip: "We've got to give Shannon some credit for not getting bugged out by a spider during an earlier live shot. I heard her saying, 'I think there's something crawling down my arm'."

He added: "Had she known, she would not have been that calm."

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