Trees up for the chop, not the venue

A popular social club is NOT closing, despite a comedy of errors-style misinterpretation of a poster.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 8th November 2016, 11:27 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:52 pm
Cherry tree outside Longridge Sports and Social Club
Cherry tree outside Longridge Sports and Social Club

Committee members of Longridge Sports and Social Club, were confused when residents began asking why the venue, in Towneley Road, was closing. However, it soon appeared a poster made by a folk organisation to inform people it was closed in January, had inadvertently inferred the sports and social club was closing.

Longridge Sports and Social Club chairman John Jackson said; “A folk club meets twice a month at our venue and the organiser put up a poster saying it was closed in January. Our club name was at the top of the poster and then the folk club name and then the fact it was closed in January. People associated that with the sports and social club. It is more amusing than anything.

“We are always looking ahead and have actually increased our membership since we changed the name from the Royal British Legion last spring.

“We have also got a new boiler installed.”

Meanwhile, the club’s committee is concerned about Longridge Town Council’s planning application to cut down two cherry trees across the bowling green as part of work to rejuvenate Towneley Gardens.

He said: “In early spring, these two trees provide one of Longridge’s best floral displays of the year. It will be a travesty if they are removed. As a near neighbour and custodians of the bowling green, the club has yet to be consulted about the impending changes. We have enough trouble with vandalism, especially to the green and further attractions for youngsters will only increase such events.”

Mayor of Longridge, Rupert Swarbrick, who is involved in the Towneley Gardens plan, said: “I have offered to speak with the secretary to establish their concerns. The intention is to improve the gardens, make them more accessible and inviting and indeed more secure. I’m unsure as to how less tree cover makes any premises less secure.

“The planning process gives everyone the opportunity to feedback to the planners. If the club has objections to the scheme they can of course raise them through that process.”