Woman found injured near Stanley Park

The woman was found quickly by emergency servicesThe woman was found quickly by emergency services
The woman was found quickly by emergency services
A woman was found bleeding near Stanley Park after leaving Blackpool Victoria Hospital while receiving treatment, say police.

The woman was found at around 8.30am this morning on North Park Drive after a brief search was conducted in the area by fire services and the police.

Officers received a concern for safety call after the woman was spotted near the park with a cannula still attached to her arm.

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A Lancashire police spokesman said: "We received a report that a woman was seen with a cannula in and was going to take it out. It seems she left hospital and was walking in the direction of Stanley Park.

"She was found in some bushes opposite the fire station."

Fire crews at Blackpool assisted police with their search.

A spokesman said: "We received a request from the police to have a look around the area of our fire station for a missing woman.

"She was thankfully found just near to the gates of the park.

"She was injured and bleeding and first aid was given to her before the paramedics arrived."

North West Ambulance Service confirmed that they were called out to a concern for safety.

The woman was taken back to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

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