'˜We don't want to become a headline' - Warning as signs go ignored

Residents have been warned not to ignore signs saying walkways close to the Irish Sea are closed because of bad weather.

Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 10:30 am
The Coastguard has urged people not to ignore signs saying the Prom is closed

The Coastguard in Fleetwood issued a stark statement after officers on patrol say dog walkers and overly-keen photographers get a little too close to the water for comfort amid high winds.

The service said that while strong winds from Friday had calmed down going into Saturday, ‘those waves can carry debris such as stone and lumps of wood and deposit them on the Prom’.

“They can cause injury if you get hit by something,” a spokesman said. “We watched people step over the ‘Closed’ chains to walk dogs and take pictures.

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“Please enjoy our coastline, but please be careful.”

The service also shared a video filmed in Scarborough last week, which shows a careless motorist and two passers-bys get far too close to waves pouring over the sea wall, on social media.

“We don’t want you to become our next job,” the spokesman added.

“We don’t want you to become a headline in the local papers.

“We don’t want you to become a number on our statistics.”