Shocking footage shows moment driver narrowly avoids being hit by train in Barrow

A motorist barely avoided being hit by a train after failing to check if the track was clear in both directions.

By Sean Gleaves
Monday, 15th February 2021, 2:26 pm

The clip shows the red car stopping at an open crossing at a farm in Barrow-in-Furness as they wait for the tracks to clear.

But once the train passes, they seemingly fail to notice another train is speeding towards them in the opposite direction.

Fortunately, the vehicle makes it across the crossing with just seconds to spare, narrowly avoiding a serious collision.

British Transport Police Lancashire has since tweeted the video to encourage others to ensure tracks are safe before moving away.

They said: "This is the moment a car driver at an open level crossing (farm crossing with no barriers) made the dangerous assumption that because one train had passed that it was safe to cross. It wasn't.

"The incident occurred in October and the driver opted to take a Level Crossing Awareness Course (£84), completed successfully, instead of a £100 fixed penalty notice and three points.

"Car driver education is important in reducing these incidents."

The red car was just seconds away from colliding with the train in the heart-stopping video. (Credit: @BTPLancs)

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