‘It’s not the end of the world’ - Residents planning to sue over Penwortham Bypass misery

County Hall bosses could be facing an avalanche of compensation claims from residents now the new Penwortham Bypass is up and running.

By Colin Ainscough
Friday, 20th December 2019, 11:45 am
Homeowners close to the Penwortham bypass are planning to sue
Homeowners close to the Penwortham bypass are planning to sue

Householders living nearby say they have been approached by half a dozen national law firms offering to take on the county council over the disruption to their lives caused by two years of construction work.

And many admit they have signed up with solicitors in the hope of getting a pay-out for the problems they have suffered - and are still suffering - now the road is open to traffic.

“It was a nightmare while it was being built and it’s a nightmare now it’s finished,” said one elderly resident.

Here’s what our readers had to say:

"I live next to a huge housing development that has been ongoing for four years. Periods of time with consistent daily pile driving, dust, them using the our access road to get to their development including barriers stopping us get out of our back gates. Is this not something we have to just accept, not sure we should sue the council for trying to make the traffic better?"

Nic Lou Newsham

"This is why our country is in a mess as everyone wants to sue for everything. Yes it’s inconvenient but not the end of the world."

Jacqui Hobson

"Then they wonder why cuts are made in other areas such as social care and education?! Well it’s because people want compensation which in turn effects the budget and then reduces the budget division for area. Why can’t they just get on with it."

Lisa ‘Bellingham’ Thompson

"In Horwick you have to drive a lot out the way extra of fuel, why not get reimbursement for it?"

Matt Steele

"Omg get a life. Can I have compensation for siting on the M6 everyday in traffic please? Can I have compensation because it’s raining please. And we wonder why there’s not enough money for the NHS and policing!"

Craig Richardson

"If we all had compo for rain we could all retire early. "

Um Arwa Ooooh

"Some people have nothing better to do than find something to complain about."

Malcolm Rodriguez

"Oh get a grip."

Nicki Trigwell

"So they’re suing the cash-strapped council, and in their next breath will be moaning about further cuts in services."

Mark Fenerty

"Well the lawyers would be on standby to make money out of people’s misery."

Darren Stockton

"Lawyers crawling out from under rocks already."

Russ Waring

"Surely they had the same noise from the previous dual carriageway anyway."

Paul Buttery

"Lawyers? How do they sleep at night?"

Brian Lomax

"Law firms always looking to make a quick buck!"

Pete Hollis