Guild Wheel's Peter in call for '˜respect'

The co-creator of the Guild Wheel has called on cyclists and motorists to show more respect for each other after he was injured in a 'road rage' confrontation.
Peter Ward (front) out cycling on the Guild WheelPeter Ward (front) out cycling on the Guild Wheel
Peter Ward (front) out cycling on the Guild Wheel

Peter Ward, 83, suffered bruising to his back and hips when he was thrown onto the bonnet of a car, smashing his cycling helmet into pieces on the windscreen.

Last week a motorist was fined £270 for driving without due care and attention after a three-day trial following the incident as Peter and a friend were cycling in the countryside near Garstang. It was claimed in court the driver had blasted his horn and flashed his lights behind the two cyclists, before passing them and then swerving in front.

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“I had a word with him about that and he was muttering something about cyclists getting in the way,” claimed former magistrate Peter. “Then we set off again and I heard him accelerate behind us. I thought ‘this bloke’s going to hit me,’ and we collided. I landed on his bonnet and my helmet smashed againt his windscreen. The car ended up in a ditch. I honestly believe my helmet saved my life.”

Peter admitted the incident had shaken him up and knocked his confidence, despite having had numerous spills in the past as a former international racing cyclist.

“I’ve managed to put it behind me, but it took a while to get my confidence back,” he said. “I’m a driver as well as having been a cyclist since I was 14. I see both sides. Both groups have a go at each other. I’ve had drivers shouting ‘get off the road,’ or ‘you don’t pay road tax.’ Both groups need to show respect and consideration for each other.”