Gritters at the ready for another icy night on Lancashire's roads

Council gritters will be out again across Lancashire tonight as the wintry spell continues to cause problems for road users.

By Brian Ellis
Monday, 25th January 2021, 2:47 pm

Early drivers reported treacherous conditions on many highways this morning, although Lancashire County Council insisted crews had been out treating the roads yesterday afternoon and again from 5am today.

Staff will also be patrolling the county through the night to assess the situation, with more wintry showers forecast in the early hours.

Rob Wilson, area highways manager, said: "Our gritting teams have been very busy this weekend, working in shifts around the clock to treat the main routes, then patrol and monitor to deal with any remaining icy patches, and treat the roads again as more wintry showers arrive.

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Gritting crews will be treating roads again across Lancashire tonight.

"We treat all the A roads, all B roads, and some C roads whenever a freeze is forecast, and these were gritted multiple times over the weekend.

"All the main routes were gritted on Sunday afternoon, with drivers continuing to patrol and monitor before carrying out another full treatment at 5am on Monday morning, and continuing to patrol until routes were clear.

"While we're equipped to treat around 1,800 miles of road within four hours, we are open about the fact that we cannot grit every road, and many side roads will have been icy first thing this morning.

"People must also be careful on the main routes, particularly early in the morning, as the action of traffic is needed to mix the grit with the snow and ice for it to take effect.

"Our advice to people is always to ensure their vehicle is ready for winter, and if they do need to travel during bad weather, to take care and drive according to the conditions."

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