Fishergate Bollard is on its way back, complete with full makeover

The celebrated concrete cornerstone has been missing since last year, after one of its numerous little accidents.

By Iain Lynn
Friday, 15th May 2020, 6:06 pm

But Lancashire County Council promised a "permanent solution" at the start of the year, and it looks like we're about to see the results.

In a teasing tweet posted today (Friday), the council suggested that the makeover was complete, and was about to be revealed to the bollards legions of fans online.

The tweet read" A well-known Preston landmark is getting a makeover next week to help increase its visibility in the city.

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"To give you a clue, it's... a business award nominee, received reviews on TripAdvisor, not a roundabout, but is a safety feature.

"Have a guess & we'll reveal on Monday."

The accompanying images hinted at a slick black and red paint job with more robust cast ironwork, but we shall to just wait and see the final look for the Fishergate shared space scheme.

With plastic cones currently replacing five of the six bollards following the latest in a series of motoring mishaps at the notorious junction, the future of the city’s iconic traffic landmark looked grim.

Could this be the new look for the infamous Fishergate Bollard?

“There have been a few incidents involving vehicles hitting the bollards, which are important safety measures for these crossings,” an LCC spokesperson told the Post.

“The cones are a temporary measure to make drivers aware of the plinths, while we looked carefully at the situation.

"A permanent solution has now been developed. We have been working with a manufacturer and hope to announce something very soon.”

Fishergate Bollard shot to fame when it was sent flying by a car shortly after the opening of Preston’s controversial shared space scheme.

Happier times: How the Fishergate Bollard used to look

With its own Twitter account, it soon gained many fans with its dry and witty responses to being regularly unseated by unwary drivers.

It's only comment on the redesign at the time of writing was "I look like Batman"

The six markers were cemented into place to guide pedestrians to recommended crossing points at the busy junction.