"Drive down it every day never see a bike": Your reaction to Preston's new 'pop-up Covid cycle lanes"

New pop-up cycle lanes to help keep social distancing in Preston have not been greeted with open arms.
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Today, the controversial project was causing even greater frustration for motorists travelling between Preston and Blackpool after an accident closed the M55 in both directions for most of the day.

The lanes have been introduced along the A583 Riversway and Watery Lane between Nelson Way and Strand Road, and see two lanes narrowed to one in each direction, as an emergency temporary measure, to encourage people to walk and cycle in recognition that capacity on public transport is much-reduced due to social distancing measures.

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But your reaction today to our story saw overwhelming opposition to the idea. Here are a few of your comments:

The controversial pop-up cycle lanes in PrestonThe controversial pop-up cycle lanes in Preston
The controversial pop-up cycle lanes in Preston

Get them Cycling covid lanes took down what a waste of time and it causes a headache to motorist trying to get to destinations whoever dreamt the idea up must be cuckoo

Rob Moss

Clownsellors are monitoring it so could be a while knowing them.

Ron Umberto

Blaming the cycle lane for the extra traffic caused by the M55 closure. You wouldn't be pressing an anti-cycling agenda, by any chance, would you. Er, yes, you are . .

Paul Foden

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No, they’re not blaming the cycle lane for the extra traffic. They’re blaming the cycle lane for congestion caused by extra traffic in fewer lanes.

Kate Preston

Not an anti cycling agenda just pointing out that due to increased traffic due to an accident and a pop up cycle lane that nobody uses or wants the area was utter chaos .....

Russ Kay

Its absolutely ridiculous. Wouldnt mind if I ever saw anyone using them but I've not seen one person use any of them. About time they were removed

Jo Whittle

Let's get on thing correct. We the cyclists did not ask for the lanes .so all get off your dam high horses n stop blaming them.

Cris Stevenson

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Lee All the bikes go down the docks front and chain caul road etc, the main road they don't use and the amount of chaos is dangerous i dread driving down near there now. I had 2 cars decude they had enough cut across grass to join the other slip and nearly went into the side of me, I'm pregnant so you can only imagine how angry i got about this whole situation.

Melanie Jane

Nearly as bad as that fishergate bollard and its own twitter page for the most useless piece of road furniture.

Robert J Gowling

Whatever the reasons for the lanes being there it's clear they're not working in the interest of the majority of road users

Paul Turner

Drive down it every day never see a bike on it delusional council office workers!! I’m a Keen cyclist ‍♀️ and that wouldn’t be on my cycling short list ... use some common sense and reopen the road

Mark Hutchinson

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Just a thought to ponder.....lots of motorists commenting on how they have never SEEN a cyclist in the pop up lanes. Is this never seen or never noticed? I drive every day and hate sitting in traffic but also go out on my bike, not to commute just for a hobby but I have used some of the pop up lanes. Trust me it is scary cycling down the road, cars get close, don’t have patience, don’t see you, potholes are so dangerous for cyclists. We are all just people trying to get somewhere so why does it have to be cyclists against drivers? Where should the lanes be put if not where they are now?

Rachael Claire

Cyclists are a danger to everyone on the roads weaving in and out of traffic,now you see them, now you don't,oh there they are and as usual not anywhere near a cycle lane pop up or not

Allan Chew

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