'Death traps': Readers react to MPs' calls for delay to smart motorway roll-out

You have welcomed calls for the roll-out of smart motorways to be suspended.

By Adam Lord
Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 9:26 am

A report by MPs on the Commons’ Transport Select Committee (TSC) said there is not enough safety and economic data to justify continuing with the project.

It described the Government’s decision in March 2020 that all future smart motorways would be all-lane-running versions – where the hard shoulder is used as a permanent live traffic lane – as “premature”.

Concerns have been raised following fatal incidents involving broken-down vehicles being hit from behind. Demonstrators protesting against smart motorways marched with coffins to the Houses of Parliament on Monday.

Demonstrations have been held outside Parliament this week

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Smart motorway safety: Why MPs have called for a delay to roll-out

There are about 375 miles of smart motorway in England, including 235 miles without a hard shoulder. An additional 300 miles are scheduled to be opened by 2025.

A study commissioned by GoCompare Car Insurance found that close to a third of drivers did not want to drive on a smart motorway, with this figure increasing to 40 per cent for those aged 65 and over.

We asked you for your views on the controversial stretches of motorway and whether the plan should be suspended, and here’s what you had to say.

”Yes!!!! Motorways are bad enough without the worry of something happening and nowhere to pull over,” Hollie Dring, Facebook

“Smart motorways are a death trap,” Alan Horrocks, Facebook

“Motorways are not dangerous. It's the people who use them that cause incidents,” Dawny Gough, Facebook

“Whoever named them smart has a sick sense of humour, scrap the death traps!” John Ramsden, Facebook

“How something so stupid can be called smart,” Val Thompson, Facebook

“Not just suspended but scrapped altogether.” Michael Coleman-Hill, Facebook

“As long as the money saved goes on other construction projects or your putting thousands out of work,” Ryan Oldfield, Facebook

“Yes, should be built properly and spend all the car tax, road fund licence, fuel duty, VAT on fuel on the roads not hair brained complete waste of money schemes like HS2,” Dale Green, Facebook

“Smart motorways are the worst design where you break down suddenly, oh you are in a live lane, great idea,” Fudgey Bun, Facebook

“Should never have started them, anyone who drives regularly on motorways will tell you the same,” Martin Chambers, Facebook

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