These are the vehicles which have been seized by Lancashire Road Police around the county - just in February

The police can seize a vehicle if they think it’s being used in a way that causes alarm, harassment or distress, for example careless or inconsiderate driving.

By Iain Lynn
Thursday, 7th March 2019, 10:44 am
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 12:53 pm
Police seizing cars
Police seizing cars

They can also seize a vehicle if they think it’s being driven by someone who does not have a proper licence or insurance, if it's dangerously, illegally or obstructively parked and if it's broken-down or abandoned. Here are the vehicles removed from the road in and around Lancashire just one month

Vehicle collecting scrap in Garstang stopped and enquiries with insurance company concluded that no cover was in place. Vehicle seized and driver reported for the offence of no insurance.
This vehicle was sitting in the middle lane of the Northbound M6 when lane one was clear! Vehicle stopped to give Driver advice but transpires that Driver didnt have a UK license so vehicle seized!

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Seized by in Preston. Driver stated couldn't afford the insurance.
Another one seized in Preston. Vehicle had no insurance, no MOT and no tax. Driver reported
On the M61 as the insured parties didn't match the driver. When stopped this was confirmed & the vehicle has been seized & the driver reported
Following an ANPR activation HO74 stopped this vehicle on the M6 due to the driver only having a provisional license & driving with their kids in car with no Supervision!
Seized in Preston by #HO41 as vehicle was not insured. Driver reported for the offence
This vehicle in Leyland roused the suspicions of HO40. Their suspicions were right when the driver coughed straight away that he had no driving licence or insurance.
Seized in Chorley as vehicle not insured. Driver just under the drink drive limit.
Following a report from colleagues @HighwaysNWEST this vehicle was stopped in PRESTON. It had been driven several miles on its rim as the driver wanted to find a garage.
Vehicle seized by Police for no insurance 3 months ago. Seized again today in Blackpool by HO38 for the same reason.
This car seen in Nelson with no insurance, the driver stated that they contacted the insurance company on a monthly basis to make payment after missing a months premium. The insurance company stated otherwise.
This green machine was stopped in Lytham. Expired tax and no insurance cover for the last 9 months. Vehicle seized and driver reported.
The driver thought he could hide the identity of his vehicle. Adapting his VRM with black tape, then obtaining fuel and then driving off without payment on more than one occasion.
This vehicle defect was spotted by the eagle eyed crew. Both rear tyres had worn to the extent that the cord/ply was exposed. Vehicle prohibited under PG9 powers and recovered from the roadside.
HO48 checked this vehicle in Blackpool & discovered it hadnt been insured for over a month! Driver had trusted another person to pay for it without double checking they had done!
Whilst obtaining a hot beverage and carrots (healthy eating plan) from a certain golden arched eating establishment, HO58 noticed this vehicle in the drive-thru at Blackpool.
A search of the vehicle and we found further drugs and an imitation firearm. Driver arrested for multiple offences.
This beauty was seized S165 in Lancaster for both licence and insurance offences, or maybe lack of both! Albeit the driver does hold an expired provisional endorsed with no less than 22pts!
This vehicle was spotted swerving all over the road. When requested to stop the driver failed to do so and a short pursuit ensued. The driver was eventually stopped. He provided a positive breath specimen
The driver of this car in Lancaster disclosed that they hadnt had an insurance policy for 10mths or a valid mot for 5mths. Driver reported for offences and car seized sec165
Vehicle seized S165 in Fleetwood as the driver, a mechanic, has a revoked licence!
Outstanding stolen vehicle from Scotland stopped on the M6 northbound at Lancaster using TPAC! Outstanding teamwork from #T2TacOps East/South/West. Driver arrested
The driver of this car found slumped over the steering wheel at junction 35 M6. Provided a breath sample several times over the legal limit and arrested. Car recovered.
One vehicle found to have no insurance and the driver was observed to be driving without due-care and attention. The vehicle has been seized and the driver has been summoned for the relevant offences
This vehicle passed us, the driver wasn't wearing a seatbelt so was stopped. Turns out he had no licence or insurance and also had two bald rear tyres. Driver reported for multiple offences.
The driver of this vehicle was challenged about not being on the insurance. He ran off but couldn't outrun the officer so was detained.
This car seen with no insurance in Lancaster. The driver thought a family member sorted it all out. Driver reported and car seized sec165
Our attention was drawn to this car in Lancaster having an expired MOT. Driver spoken with who admitted they did not have a driving licence and wasnt insured to drive the car.
Driver of this car in Lancaster presumed they were on their partners insurance policy. They werent. Driver reported and car seized sec165
Seized this Audi in Padiham that has no insurance or tread on its tyres
One vehicle with no insurance has been taken off the road this evening. The driver has been reported for the offence.
Tried to convince HO38 that the seller was allowing him to use his insurance despite not owning it anymore...Irrelevant as the driver only had an (expired) provisional licence for the last 17 years.
Being a gentleman and offering to put fuel in your partner's car is all well and good. Unless you are disqualified from driving! Vehicle seized & driver reported.
HO48 was on a mission to find this outstanding stolen vehicle which they soon had recovered hiding in Blackpool on false plates!
An eagle eyed member of the public reported this car acting suspiciously in Blackpool. It was spotted a little while later & intercepted. An excellent call as the driver was found to be disqualified
his late night fast food seeker popped out for some of the Colnels secret herbs and spices. Unfortunately the driver was not named on the policy as they thought they were.
This car was stopped in Poulton-le-Fylde due to no insurance showing on our systems. A chat with the driver confirms that unfortunately our systems are correct.
This female driver thought it was OK to borrow her friends car despite not passing a test or having any insurance. Also had the cheek asking for a lift back home. Was a little annoyed when we said no!
This outstanding stolen car in Blackpool was successfully intercepted without incident by #Team2TacOps Three occupants were arrested for various matters and the car returned to a very grateful owner